Build bridges between Japan and the world; CosmoBridge

日本と世界の架け橋 CosmoBridge コスモブリッジ

About CosmoBridge

"CosmoBridge" means "Bridges between Japan and the world".
We support people who is interested in foreign cultures and the mastery of a foreign tongue,
but don't know how.

We also teach culture to non Japanese,
and create the brand new style events include

Japanese culture, Intl exchange party and events

■I need new friends.
■I like to have Japanese friend or boyfriend/girlfriend.
■I'd like to speak Japanese/ English.
■I am interested in non-Japanese/Japanese style foods in a homey style party.
■I need a chance and catalyst to study English.
■I am interested in a foreign culture.
■I'd like to know more Japanese culture.

Please stop by whenever unless you fall under the listed above.
You'll find something new after the party!!

If you join CosmoBridge...?

If you join our CosmoBridge's party, you'll start to want to do something even though you thought "May be, tomorrow." before.

But if you don't know exactly how to do, CosmoBridge is for you!!

In a beginning class or a middle-high-level class,
please enjoy conversation doing game and many other enjoynable event♪

Over-sea's style lesson with native speakers.
You also can get one-o-one Skype lesson.

We advise for free about studying abroad and budget and so on.
We will help your study with lean and the best value.
Feel free to ask us if you have any questions.